ESP police report a quiet Easter

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The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EASTER celebrations in East Sepik saw no major incidents reported over the long weekend.
Good Friday activities began with hundreds of Catholics taking part in the Stations of the Cross walk from the Moem army barracks to the top of Wewak Hill where a mass was held.
A group of faithful from the Angoram district joined the procession which attracted public servants, government leaders and clergy men and women.
Other mainline and Pentecostal churches staged camp-outs, conventions and crusades while others quietly observed Easter indoors.
Revival Centres International in Wewak hosted a young people’s camp where youths from all assemblies met for fellowship.
In his Easter sermon, zone pastor Edward Gunigasa urged Papua New Guineans to resurrect with Jesus
by burying “our old ways of doing things through the waters of baptism and receive the new life the Holy
Spirit gives”.
In the Wewak rural local level government area, Passam played host to more than 500 young men and women vying for the president Francis Hevu Cup in a soccer challenge which kicked off on Saturday.
With 28 teams in the men’s and women’s divisions, the finals expected to be played today.
Provincial police commander Snr Insp Vincent Pokas said yesterday that he was pleased there had been no major incidents reported.
He praised the people for cooperating with police during the festive holidays and applauded his men’s commitment and dedication.
Pokas said the only incident reported to police was a robbery that occurred at Kreer last Wednesday.
He said suspects armed with a pop gun held up a family at Magun village and made away with a laptop computer.
The identities of the suspects are known to police and an arrest is expected this week.