Event educates children of their culture and surroundings


THREE hundred students of Caritas Elementary in Port Moresby have been reminded of their culture, through the Taekwando tumbuna bilas contest and traditional dances.
The children had their cultural show and performed the activities in front of their families and friends on Friday.
Caritas Elementary School principal Sr Christiana Cho said the show was aimed to remind and educate children of who they were, their cultures and everything around them.
“This is part of education, it is education,” Cho said.
“The event helped children to build confidence and to perform various tasks and activities in front of the crowd, mostly their parents and guardians.
“The children were taught on how to do things uniformly as part of a group and to achieve the required outcome.”
She said early childhood education was very important as it was the time when most of the child’s learning and understanding of themselves and everything around them started.
“We teach them the right thing today they will grow up to be good and responsible citizens of the country,” she said. Caritas Elementary School was established in 2007 with the aim to give educational opportunities to children in need of education.
It started off with the enrolment of students at kindergarten and pre-school.
In 2012, it introduced the elementary level and has grown from 108 enrolments to 300. The school caters for children in the settlements of Vadavada and East Boroko. The school meets its operational costs through donations and funding from donors in Australia, Korea, United States and local donors.
“The school does not charge much for the school fees and about 60 per cent of the students do complete their school fees but those unfortunate ones – the school pays for them,” Cho said.

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