Events foresee disastrous polls


A FEW days ago, the list containing the names of election officials (election managers and returning officers) was leaked to the social media.
Retrospectively, undue influence is quite common in past elections but issuing threats to the office of the Electoral Commission is something completely unprecedented.
Now, the results are having devastating effects across the country.
In Mt Hagen, Western Highlanders agitated by the corruption took control of the Kagamuga International Airport to protest the hijacking of the system and to rescind the lopsided selection of returning officers.
The closure of Kagamuga airport seriously affects the travelling public and candidates nominating in the five Highlands provinces.
In a matter of time, similar uprising will be seen in other centres.
The country was anticipating a free and fair election but sadly the events so far is pointing towards a mother of disaster in the making.

David Lepi

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