Disqualify non-residentials


CAN the district and provincial election managers disqualify candidates who are not residentially qualified to nominate.
Nearly a good number of candidates who are not qualified to nominate have made their intentions known to contest.
Few are already endorsed by major parties despite their illegitimacy.
While such candidates can argue that they have the right to nominate as citizens, unfortunately under the Election Law such right is a qualified right therefore any intending candidates must be qualified to nominate on a number of criteria.
One such criteria is residential qualification.
Residential qualification is a safety net.
This law disallows insincere, baseless and selfish people to highjack the opportunity from genuine and sincere people who provide everyday leadership in their districts and province to contest.
Such candidates are here today and gone tomorrow.
The PNG Electoral Commission must issue a statement on this and alert all the election managers throughout the country.
The law on residential qualification and convicted person must be treated the same when it comes to nomination. I appeal to all election managers especially in the Highlands to uphold the law on residential qualification instead of being silent on this come nomination day.
This is the time for genuine leaders who provide everyday leadership to nominate and contest not baseless opportunists.
Check and verify them before they are allowed to nominate.

Eagles Eye
Leader long Ples, Goroka

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