Everyone needs to be aware of Vision 2050


I AGREE with KP Eddy of Waigani that the general population needs to be made more aware of Vision 2050.
The general masses need to have this knowledge as a compass to map their own individual paths.
With this footing and an understanding of the national drive, our people will have a focused commitment on a shared vision.
Fortified with a clear understanding of Vision 2050, people will be able to see clearly the relevance and purpose of initiatives instigated by the government and other bodies towards these goals.
An informed and willing population aware of where it wants to go is much more receptive to the opportunities and development initiatives available to them.
The challenge is there and has always been there to create a common drive in the people’s mindset.
It is the national institutions and influential figures who have the onus to instil this passion and drive with, not only their words, but most effectively their actions.
Vision 2050 is admirable and has the sure ability to unite Papua New Guinea and bring it into a new era.
Let us make it our dream.

Egan Ulach