Evicted settlers out in the open


ANOTHER land-grabbing incident took place in NCD the past two weeks.
People who were involved in this deal, I guess, were not traditional custodians. Even senior police officers used unlawful force, but that was not a surprise.
On the contrary, thank you NCD Governor Powes Parkop for your humane approach.
When the greedy, materialistic, money-mad, corrupt and evil people bulldozed the entire Fayantina Settlement, behind Gerehu Stage 1, into an empty field, you were there for them. Your attendance to the needs of the displaced families who are now without shelter and sleeping in the open is received with much appreciation.
Thank you. You truly are a governor for the people.
All those persons and the organisations who were involved to make possible this inhumane act take note that your day is coming.
This now should be your final act. Repent, confess and reconcile with God soon.
Our God is forgiving and wants you out of this dungeon. Your salvation is His business. His act of natural justice is imminent.

Elder You Warm
Gerehu Stage 1