Exam cheating case condemned

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TEACHERS who help students cheat during national examinations are no better than criminals and the Education Department will have nothing to do with them, says Education Minister Jimmy Uguro.
He was responding to a report in The National yesterday on the sacking of nine teachers and the disciplining of three others including the headmaster of a school in Western Highlands for allegedly helping students cheat during the 2019 Grade 10 national examinations.
The students had to repeat Grade 10 last year because of what happened.
Education officials carried out their investigations last year.
Uguro said cheating during examinations could only be done by lazy teachers and students.
He said such corrupt practices could affect hard working students who studied hard to get top grades and secure places in higher education institutions.
“It is unfair on the hard working students and schools who try their best to perform well,” Uguro said.
He said the Teachers Service Commission had the power to deal with such teachers and discipline those promoting corrupt and unprofessional practices in the education system.
He warned teachers around the country that anyone caught committing such malpractices that they would face disciplinary action.
TSC chairman Samson Wangihomie also condemned what the teachers had done.
He said the reports of what the teachers did had been forwarded to the commission which they were looking into them.
He pointed out that the 12 teachers in Western Highlands could challenge the disciplinary actions taken out against them.
But if the Teachers Service Commission was not satisfied with their explanation, they would have to leave the department.


  • All students should be allowed to complete grade 12 without examination and certification and sit for entry tests in various university and other higher tertiary institutions. Any student who desires a tertiary qualification should take an entry test and pay costs to meet administrative expenses for test for which ever institution. Names of accepted students for each institution published to continue further studies, students who do not meet criteria to enter tertiary institutions should go back to repeat pass level to meet entry requirement and come back for entry test after a certain period of study to matriculation level to meet entry test criteria to enter tertiary institution. This will reduce all levels of cheating by teachers and students; at the same time costs of examination processing, marking and production of certificate costs reduced, more independent responsibility to parents and children to study well for a space and to get in for entry test. Emphasize more on standards and Teacher performance for improved performance and revoking of non performing teachers and their eventual deregistration if performance is not improving. Increase number of standards officers for constant monitoring of teaching and learning by teacher and children/students. Over to the bosses…..

  • Those teachers are lazy, they’re breaking laws of education department so just terminate them without entitlements.

  • The actions of these teachers cost the time of education for these grade 10 students to sit the examinations again. These teachers should the department for good since its a landmark case something strict has to impose for the future.

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