University graduates urged to teach in School of Excellence

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UNIVERSITY graduates in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have been urged to teach in the School of Excellence.
Teaching Service Commission (TSC) chairman Samson Wangihomie said there was a shortage of teachers in the country and university graduates without teaching qualifications could teach on the condition they secured a teaching position in a school.
But a group of teachers who gathered outside the Education Department’s office in Port Moresby raised their concern over allowing university graduates without a teaching qualification to become teachers.
Teacher Cornelius Roger from Mendi Secondary School in Southern Highlands said the commission was making a bad decision.
“Some of us have aspiration to be teachers and that’s where we are,” he said.
“Although we got straight As in Grade 12, we still decided to become teachers.”
He said university graduates lacked teaching skills and did not have any interest in teaching in the first place.
He alleged that some the graduates were just bidding their time in the classroom and leave as soon as they receive a job offer from elsewhere.
He called on the TSC to provide better pay and employment conditions to keep qualified teachers.


  • Creating more problems, TSC should take extra precautions in doing such decisions. Early childhood learning is fundamental, we require well trained personals not opportunist. Create more jobs for the uni graduates.

  • I totally agree for this initiative the government of the day has enforce because not all Papua New Guineans earn much for their living to budget for their school fees. I hope it will be helpful and there’s much to benefit behind this motive.

  • Agree.TSC is going to make a big Mistake.
    There must be always proper research done before new concepts are confirmed for implementation.

  • UPNG, UOT, PAU & DWU University graduates can teach & deliver better than the qualified trained teachers.
    I stand to be corrected.

  • University Graduates can’t be teachers. They don’t know what we Teacher’s have learnt in Colleges and also Universities. There are many things we learn to understand a student and they don’t. This can’t be right because they will only teach the subject instead of teaching the students. The decision made by the chairman is wrong because teaching is not a plan B job for graduates who are seeking for job. Many of us choose to become teachers instead of applying to other courses or universities. With this decision, we teacher’s are not feeling okay because we sacrificed our life to become teachers and you gonna let graduates without teaching qualifications to teach. I as a concerned teacher concerning for the betterment of the students, I disagree.

  • Teaching is a passion that requires the persons love for humanity rather than being a paid job. Individuals who did not have the passion to teach in the first place will not have the urge to teach the students except for a pay packet to see them through whilst waiting for their dream job.
    PS: I am entitled to my opinion so as you.

  • Some Universities graduates are more advanced and know better then teachers. They can build better nation as long as they impart knowledge to the young generations.


  • You must have a license to drive a vehicle any where in the Country. So in a same manner you must graduate (have a) with a TEACHING CERTIFICATE from an University or Teacher’s College to teach any where in the Country.

  • The intellectual standard and knowledge are way off limit than the professional graduates who taught at secondary schools and national high.Why complaining is it out of jealousy.
    Take back PNG requires human resources,hence highest quality of education is the step forward.

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