Expired goods on the shelf


EVERY goods produced in a factory has an expiry date – when it should be consumed.
Durable goods do not have an expiry date but non-durable goods like sweets, biscuits, tinned fish and chicken must be consumed by a certain date, otherwise they should be removed from the shelf and dumped.
I think that expired goods are not good for our health; they are like pig meat that has spoilt and cannot be eaten.
What we are seeing now, however, is some shops erasing the expiry date and putting a new one in to extend its shelf life.
On Friday, Jan 11, I bought a biscuit for K1.50 at a village outside Port Moresby. The price was lower than if I had bought it in Port Moresby. Why? Because it’s expired.
I was told by an employee of the store that the owner erases the expiry date and puts a new one on the packet.
If a shop just outside our capital city can sell expired goods, then I have no doubt that it is happening in other remote locations in the country. Let’s put a stop to this.

Galmai Bandi, SNK