Letters in brief


Big guy walking:
Good move by the Madang acting provincial administrator. I can already see some so-called big guys walking. It’s healthy to walk. And by now you’ll should have a small bicycle for personal use.

No hard feelings, Drambangu

Second coming:
Sex abuse by Catholic priests is a wake-up call for us believes that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near. While the Catholic Church is putting its house in order and purifying its operations, we the believers must also get our life in order for the coming of our master and high priest Jesus Christ.

Lord’s last days servant

Institute queried:
It is interesting to know that the PNG Human Resources Institute (HRI) is offering a Master in Human Resources Management course. This year, students accepted by the institute were listed with University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG). What relationship does UPNG have with HRI? Is HRI a subsidiary company of UPNG or is it another campus owned by UPNG? Who owns HRI? Can HRI offer both bachelor and master’s programmes? Is the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology aware of this?

Concerned Parent, Sunkamap

Numu’s victory:
The National Court in Waigani ruled that Governor Peter Numu remain in office. Back in Goroka, the news spread and the people celebrated the victory with a convoy of cars and trucks and placards. The case held up vital services in the province and caused the governor to be denied some of the powers and privileges he needed to conduct his responsibilities as the mandated leader of the 700,000 people of the province. Now that the case is over, those who wish to challenge Numu again should wait for the 2022 national election.

Charles IFU

Market problem:
People are now playing darts and gambling at Manu bus stop, in Port Moresby, with no concern for residents and city authorities. The NCDC law enforcement unit has been doing their best to clear that area but not much has changed because these people have no respect for order and the rule of law. The best solution is to erect a corrugated iron fence around the area to keep unruly people out.

Concerned city resident

Disease worry:
People who chew betel nut and spit it out in public are spreading diseases, especially TB which is rampant in centres like Port Moresby. How do we get people to stop? Education? That has failed, so what else can we do? On-the-spot fines will not work because people don’t have money and if you give them paperwork to pay later, they won’t. One way is to shame them by making them clean the mess there and then. With their hands.