Extend road to help people

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014


A VILLAGER from Polopa, in Kagua-Erave district, has called on MP James Lagea and Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi to provide roads for the thousands of people in the area.

Joseph Temereka made the call after reading in The National this week that the two politicians have jointly funded the upgrading of a road from Erave to Mt Hagen in Western Highlands. The upgrading was undertaken by local company TNG Construction. 

Temereka claimed that people in Polopa, located at the southern end of Kagua-Erave, need roads.

“The road to Polopa ends at Sumame,” Temereka said.

“There is no road from Erave to Karabi, Balowe, Tiri, Sopusa and Waraka.

“People are forced to carry heavy loads and endure a day’s walk to Sumame to catch PMVs to town.”

No comments could be obtained from Lagea and Powi.

Temereka, a local from Balowe village, said an estimated population of 20,000 people live in the Polopa area.

He said politicians and road contractors must not practise “discrimination” and must provide services to all despite the political differences.

“There is no change in the Polopa area,” he said.

Temereka has also appealed to TNG Construction to extend its work to include the Polopa area.