Family agrees on autopsy

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THE cause of the death of a prison warden during a mass breakout from Buimo prison last Sunday is yet to be determined, says Correctional Services Commissioner Stephen Pokanis.
Pokanis said the family of the late Luke Minkins of Jiwaka, a probationary officer who joined last year, has agreed to have a post-mortem.
“The cause of death has to be determined through a post-mortem so that we know the cause of death.
“We have to know the cause of death (which will be relayed to the family) and to help us make good decisions that will help us on how we work in the Correctional Service.”
Minkins was on duty with four other wardens when the incident happened. He was stationed at the post where the prisoners ran towards to escape.
“From the stories of the officers who saw him, he actually confronted the detainees running towards the area that he was at,” Pokanis said.
He said police would investigate.
“For now, we do not know the cause of the death. All we know is that he was wounded, he was rushed to the hospital and he passed away on arrival at the hospital,” he said.
Pokanis, who was in Lae on Tuesday, said 45 prisoners were released on Sunday morning during visitation time when 17 dashed for freedom.
“They were released from the main high security area (which was fenced). Once out (from there), there’s open space,” he said.

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