Farewell, fruit champion of PNG

Letters, Normal

I AM sad to learn about James Douglas Watson’s death.
Like many expatriates who have opted to make this country their own, Watson chose to live in Eastern Highlands where he settled at Arikayufa village in the Unggai-Bena sub-district that eventually became his home for almost three decades.
He will be remembered for his efforts and contributions to promote sustainable commercialisation of local fruits at the village level as an alternative to other established cash crops such as coffee through his New Guinea Fruit Company.
Village farmers are making a living through sales of their fruits.
In addition, NGFC has also provided an avenue and market for honey farmers to sell their raw honey at competitive price.
The range and varieties of NGFC products on the shelves in many stores throughout PNG tell the story.
Watson revolutionised the cottage industry in PNG.
The people of  Eastern Highlands and PNG are proud of his achievements.
Farewell, James Douglas Watson.


Cornell Daipo