Farmer: Make use of resources in your villages

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

VILLAGERS should make use of resources in rural areas instead
of migrating to towns, a subsistence farmer says.
Ziminuc Ziauwa, the co-ordinator of the Dona Sakia grassroots credit scheme in Huon Gulf in Morobe, said people failed to realise their potential.
He added that they kept thinking that the government would provide everything for them and people flock to urban areas seeking employment without understanding what life in towns was like.
“Urban migration only adds to unemployment and lawlessness.”
The grassroots credit scheme was initiated by Dr Bage Vince Yominao in Zare Aingse village in 2000.
The scheme was to enhance local subsistence and semi-commercial farmers,small businesses including trade store owners and families to plan and budget their daily earnings and save for future.
The scheme expanded to Waria and inland as far as Siu, Putaera, Popoe and along the south coastline at Bau, Wainsodun and to Sapa and Eware lagoon.
The Dona Sakia grassroots credit scheme has almost 1,500 members.