Farmers launch project

National, Normal

The National, Friday November 8th, 2013


MAPRIK MP John Simon plans to focus on health, education, agriculture and infrastructure development during his term.

He said during the launching of the cocoa rehabilitation programme at Bengrakum village, in the Yamil-Tamaui local level government, last Wednesday, these were all in the district’s five-year plan.

The cocoa rehabilitation programme was the initiative of farmers in the area.

Simon was impressed with the outcome of the programme saying the Bengrakum community had proved they could manage projects without seeking help.

“You have set good example in our district by helping yourself before seeking assistance from the Government,” Simon said.

He said the people of Maprik should not rely too much on handouts from the Government.

Simon said the Government would gladly help those who helped themselves first.

“No one else will come and develop your place but you,” he said. 

He told the people that agriculture was one sector he wanted to promote and support.

“Your livelihood depends on cocoa, therefore, my plan is to revive cocoa production in the district after it was affected by the cocoa pod borer.”

Simon allocated K10,000 from the District Services Improvement Programme to support cocoa rehabilitation.