Feat for women

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The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

TO get more women in parliament is a big achievement and a new beginning for the people of Papua New Guinea, Women in Politics patron Nahau Rooney says.
Rooney congratulated the two women Members of Parliament in Loujaya Toni (Lae open) and Delilah Gore (Sohe open), saying it was  a great achievement and their win had shown a positive image of the nation.  
Rooney said since independence there had been a huge change in the role of women in our society.
“The interesting thing is that, it’s brilliant and huge congratulations are due to both Delilah and Loujaya for their victory in reaching into the man’s haus,” she said. 
“The people of these two women candidates have spoken through the ballot papers because they see these women as managers who will perform their leadership roles as politicians.
“It is a breakthrough for women and these two female politicians are the stars of the women in PNG.”
Rooney said Toni’s victory had shown a new type of leadership as she challenged 30 men, including her grandfather and ousted member for the Lae open seat, Bart Philemon.
She congratulated all the 136 women who contested this year’s general election.
“With very little funding and support they had, they still contested for the respective provinces.
“I believe, through the victory of these two female candidates, it will provide inspiration and confidence to perhaps contest in the next election with more women candidates,” she said.   
Rooney acknowledged the leadership of Dame Carol Kidu for the past two terms in parliament.