Female candidate wants real change in Mekeo-Kuni

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The National, Monday July 1st, 2013

 THE only woman candidate for the Mekeo-Kuni local level government presidential seat says she stands for real, tangible change for her area.

With strong backing from women, Basilia Selibu said now was the time for change to bring development that would help improve the livelihood of people who were mostly farmers.  

“I come from Bakoiudu village in the Kuni area of the Mekeo-Kuni LLG. For so long, we have been lacking a lot of services, therefore I decided to stand up against the men and I believe I can make a difference,” she said.

Selibu is a former public servant having worked with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for more than 23 years, leaving in 2004.

She joined non-government organisation, Peace Foundation Melanesia, as programme manager for Central in 2007, and believes she will use her skills and knowledge to bring much-needed services to the people.

“People realise there is always a time for a positive change,” she said.

“My appeal to the people is that it’s not about who you know, by voting your uncle or father or in-law, it’s about getting the services to the people so if people are educated enough they will vote the right person.”

Selibu said campaigning was going well with male candidates inviting her to speak at their platforms but money was a struggle.

The main focus of Selibu’s entry to contest the Mekeo-Kuni LLG elections is education because she believes this is the avenue that will lead to addressing other issues.