Fending brothers reconcile after fight, agree to live in peace


THE Ikanda brothers Kenny and Emiel shook hands and agreed to bury the hatchet once and for all – and peacefully co-exist as brothers should.
They have been at each other’s throat for some time over petty issues which no one had benefitted from, and decided to end their feud in front of their Kokopo Revival Church pastor.
Kenny reflected on the moment saying “me and my brother has caused serious harm and disharmony to each other.
We didn’t think we will face this day – facing each other, saying sorry to each other and asking each other and God for forgiveness.”
They live at Mabur in the Bitapaka local level government of Kokopo district.
Their most recent fight was in March at the Wandalu oil palm farm in Clifton. Emiel was seriously injured.
“When I was in the hospital, my only hope was God. I believed that God was going to heal me.
“During the early stage of my wounds, I was visited by a member of a church group who prayed with me.”
Emiel believed then that God wanted him to live and for his wounds to heal.
He also believed that God wanted him to reconcile with Kenny.
Police officer Valentine Yanem who also witnessed the event urged churches to promote such reconciliation and harmony among the people when differences arise.