Fibre optic cable getting everyone excited about digital future


THE Business Council of PNG will be collaborating with different stakeholders, particularly large data users, in preparation to move into the digital space.
Executive director Douveri Henao said the preparation was in light of the fibre optic cable that would be in operation next year.
He was speaking during an Independent Consumer and Competition Commission seminar to mark International Competition Day in Port Moresby on Wednesday.
“Large data users, most of them being mine members, as well as the telecos, will devolve a dialogue in the next couple of months,” Henao said.
“DataCo has been quite supportive of this collaboration.
“The working group that is driving this is the internet working group of the business council. We will be putting a lot of emphasis on dialogue and consultations in the first quarter, as we work towards the goal of Government by the end of next year, the optic fibre will be up and running. This is a major dialogue and instrument that we will be putting considerable energy into in the coming months.”
Henao said as the country prepared to move into digital space, the basic argument that was coming from the Government, particularly DataCo, was the pricing regime that will apply.

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