Finschhafen lacks Govt services

Letters, Normal

I AM disappointed with the lack of infrastructure development in Finschhafen, Morobe province.
It is one of the biggest districts in the province in terms of land mass and population size.
However, in terms of Government services, we are trailing behind other smaller districts in the province.
Basic services such as health, education, roads and public servants’ housing are deteriorating.
Local MP Theo Zurenuoc needs to intervene urgently or else the district will go to the dogs.
If other Morobe MPs are bringing services to their electorates, I wonder why Mr Zurenuoc is unable to do that.
Road is the key to any economic and social development and that should be the number one priority for Mr Zurenuoc.
The rural people are unable to sell their produce in towns because the road has not been maintained for more than 10 years, denying them of access.
During that time, the people of Pindiu, Sialum and Upper and Lower Mape have been forced to carry heavy cargoes on their backs and walking 60-80km from Gagidu station to their respective destinations.
The only road linking Hube and Upper and Lower Mape LLG areas, which serves more than 30,000 people, is also falling into pieces, leading to a rise in accidents and PMV fares.
The Government has allocated K10 million to each district but, thus far, we have not seen any development.
We call on Mr Zurenuoc to tell us when he will use the money to bring services to the people of Finschhafen. 


Salaniac Merac