Firm an exquisite choice for Kainantu villagers


Exquisite Events, a local company, is setting the platform for villagers in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands, to have their products sold in Port Moresby,
Owner Serah Kias, from Kainantu, told The National that this was their first appearance at the International Convention Centre for Apec meetings.
“I have rugs made of wool from sheep raised in Kainantu and pottery made of clay from the Obura-Wanenara district,” she said.
“My company, Exquisite Events, is a Port Moresby-based exclusive distributor of these rugs and pottery.
“We’re creating a platform for the villages in Kainantu to have their products shipped to Port Moresby so we can help them sell.
“Local entrepreneurs buy wool from the villagers and bring them to the Eastern Highlands Cultural Centre where they wash them and weave the rugs.
“They do really nice rugs which come in different sizes and prices.
“The pottery is made from two types of clay from two villages, Kurangka and Abiara, in the Obura-Wanenara district.
“They make vases, teapot sets, mugs and bowls.
“I have an arrangement with the villagers.
“Sometimes I bring their products down and sell it for them with my own markup price but they have their own price too.
“This is inclusive of the logistics and transport.
“This is my fourth shipment of the rugs and pottery.
“It’s been selling out really good in Port Moresby because there are a lot of buyers and the market is here.
“I’m creating that avenue for the buyers to pay for it here in Port Moresby instead of going to Eastern Highlands.”
Kias had the opportunity to sell a of her rugs for K1000, but sold it to her customer for a discounted prize of K950.
Kias said the products had been around for a long time with no market. “What I’ve started with the locals is new,” she said.
“Being from Kainantu area I want to assist the villagers to sell their products.
“The local people are creating amazing things out but they needed a market to sell them.
“That’s exactly what I’m doing.
“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do with what little I have.
“When I saw the opportunity, I decided to work with the villagers.”
Kias said Exquisite Events was an eco-friendly company which recently included the rugs and pottery business.
“This is the first public appearance for us with the products and we are so excited,” she said.
“We are grateful to be given the opportunity to display and sell our products at the Apec meetings.”

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