Firm assists climate activist with boots

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The National,Monday16 January 2012

LATIN N’drihin, the climate change activist, now has a new pair of boots to undertake his marathon walk in Australia – thanks to KK Kingston Ltd.
KK Kingston industrial division sales manager Mathew Caleb, who presented a pair of the same brand of boots that Latin has been wearing, said KK Kingston was pleased with the cause of limiting the effects of climate change.
The support came after a report by The National that  N’drihin had planned to auction the pair boots he had since he started walking in October 2010.
Caleb said KK Kingston was the only distributor of that particular brand of boots which was used mostly in mining and industrial sites.
He said N’drihin had completely changed the meaning of this particular product and “it can now be promoted as an adventurous boot as well”.
He said he would discuss with his boss to contact the manufacturer of the boots in Perth to assist with some fundraising when N’drihin passes through Perth during his marathon in Australia.
He asked N’drihin to complete his marathon in Port Moresby with the old boots, saying N’drihin should still auction the old pair of boots to raise money.
N’Drihim thanked KKKingston for the support, saying he had completed 800,000 steps around Papua New Guinea and would complete the next 200,000 to bring the total to a million steps.
N’drihin will be walking at the Sir John Guise stadium for five days and nights with intervals of rest starting on Monday. (January 23)