Firm keen to build houses

National, Normal

The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 Accommodation must be given the highest priority for residents of Port Moresby given events like the 2015 Pacific Games and APEC 2018, a company trying to build affordable accommodation.

East Asia Pacific Construction is trying to get government approval to build up to 65,000 affordable houses around the 8-Mile and 14-Mile areas,

Chief executive Carmelito Oplimo said providing affordable housing could open up a new world for many people in Port Moresby and project the city in a new light for 2015 and 2018.

“Two sites have already been identified: 8-Mile and 14-Mile,” he said. “Affordable housing will be constituted in that development. “That sums up to about 65,000 houses that are intended for civil servants.

“The rest of the development will be the amenities, including government structures and institutions such as schools and hospitals. That will be a catalyst development for all metropolitan Port Moresby.

“This could be seen as the first self-contained community.

“It will be a world-class development in a self-contained community with all the amenities present in the area.”

He is hoping to meet with officials from the Prime Minister’s Office, Treasury and Housing.