Firm keen to drive climate issues

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 THE Steamships Trading Group is keen to work alongside government agencies to drive the awareness and a message of climate change and environmental sustainability to the wider public, Peter Popena says.

Popena, the group HSSE manager, said that when presenting a cheque for K15,000 to be the gold sponsor of the Climate Change Open Day organised by the Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD).

The main objectives of the Climate Change Open Day is to create awareness in informing and educating people about “Changing their Mindsets” to living a sustainable lifestyle –linking this concept to what the low carbon growth or green growth initiatives try to promote with the bottom line message in reducing our greenhouse gas emission footprint and promoting a green and clean environment for everyone to enjoy.

Popena said environmental sustainability was the second pillar of Steamships’ sustainable strategy as well as a corporate priority and key performance indicator for the group.

“Steamships is very aware of the potential impact its business operations can have on this unique environment and is committed to minimising its footprint at every stage of each operational process across the group,” he said.

OCCD executive director Varigini Badira thanked Steamships for the support, saying it was pleasing to see the company taking a leading role in supporting the efforts of the government in educating and creating awareness in the community about environmental sustainability and climate change.