New Kimbe hospital board sworn in

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 A NEW board of Kimbe General Hospital in West New Britain was sworn into the office recently.

Former moderator of the United Church of PNG and Solomon Islands Sir Samson Lowa (right) is the chairman of the nine-member board.

The other members are deputy chairperson Cathy Reiman, Dennis Parison, Teup Goledu, Sr Rachel Barkie, and Alice Mathies.

Other board members yet to be sworn in are Bishop William Fey, Alois Lavu and Peter Dong Ho-Kong.

Acting Provincial Administrator Steven Raphael urged the board to fast-track the appointment of a chief executive officer of the hospital.

Raphael said acting caretaker CEO Dr Joseph Nale did not have any powers and it would be difficult for him to continue to manage staff and resources.

He said as such the board could appoint Nale as acting CEO with a permanent appointment to follow.

Raphael also told the board members the provincial government and administration had made a commitment to work closely with the board to improve health service delivery in the rural areas.

Nale commended the new board members said they had been selected because they were reputable and competent citizens with vast experiences in the various areas they represented.

“The board should have the people with a heart and a purpose to make a difference in the way health business is conducted at the Kimbe General Hospital and put an end to the suffering of the silent majority,” he said.

Chairman Lowa said the board members would work as a team to fulfill the mandate they had been given.