Locals back road upgrade

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013


THE people of the Bogo-Kawa area in, Kerowagi, Chimbu, have partnered the provincial government to open up the remote area with the rehabilitation of their trunk road.

Simbu provincial administrator Joe Kunda yesterday praised the people for showing maturity by not demanding compensation for environmental and structural damage suffered while the neglected Kerowagi-Bogokawa road was being rehabilitated.

“The people voluntarily partnered with the construction companies engaged to scrutinise their performances and helping the provincial works unit in supervision and reporting. That sets a legacy of advocating for more developments to flow through,” Kunda said.

Kunda praised the Bogokawa people while presenting K.2 million to Simetame Construction for the Kerowagi-Bogo road second phase of rehabilitation.

He said the second phase was given K3 million by the provincial government but an initial payment of K1.2 million was made to mobilise equipment and resources to start work.

Kunda presented the cheque to company managing director Gore Dulume.

He said the selection of the contractor was based on performance in similar road rehabilitation construction work.

He said the first phase had been contracted to another the local Kundiawa-Gembogl Development Corporation that completed the project l ahead of time.