First class kanakas, thanks

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

AFTER teaching in primary, secondary and national high schools, and private-run international schools for more than 14 years, I would like to comment on the OBE.
In my opinion, it was introduced in PNG to slowly wipe out our education and intellectual ability to think and reason, and to prevent us from competing with rest of the world.
The Education Department has been duped into teaching our children from elementary to university level to become first class kanakas.
The first is step preventing our children from being taught in English early on.
Why teach in tok ples at elementary level, the very foundation of learning?
If we do not have a good foundation in English, we will never be able to command the language.
Most of our decision makers do not have a clue about what is actually happening on the ground.
If only they were to visit some of our schools in the remote areas to find out how effective OBE is.
There is no research and trial to test OBE before it is introduced nationwide.
Instead, it was shoved down our throat.
We need educated Papua New Guineans to bring the country forward.
But how can we do that when our universities are producing kanakas?


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