Citizens must push for law on proceeds of crime to be introduced

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

THE Somare government purportedly spent K56 billion in the last eight years.
What is there to show for that amount of money, may I ask?
Politicians, departmental heads and heads of government statutory organisations and their relatives are entering into business deals and buying properties and motels in Cairns and elsewhere in Australia.
So is it any wonder that the purported spending of K56 billion in the last eight years has not been translated into any tangible development on the ground?
I propose to all patriotic Papua New Guineans to push for the enactment of “the proceeds of crime law”.
Under this law, all business deals, bank accounts and investments entered into by past and present politicians, political parties, departmental heads, heads of statutory organisations and their relatives or associates, will be frozen by the state and for these individuals or organisations to prove in a court of law beyond any reasonable doubt that their wealths are acquired through genuine business activities and not through devious means.
Failure to prove that would automatically allow the state to forfeit all deposits and investments.
Therein, lies more than K200 billion for the state to recoup.   


Komnkunebe Nongakane Muruta Moigapamio
South Chimbu