Five golds for Eastern Highlands in bodybuilding

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EASTERN Highlands dominated bodybuilding yesterday when the bodybuilders went through their combined individual routines and compulsory poses.
Eastern Highlands bagged 11 medals in the sport alone with their women snatching gold in the three divisions they were competing in, adding to the five-gold medal haul.
Morobe and Enga followed closely behind with two gold medals each while NCD walked away with one.
Tournament director, who is also the president of the PNG Bodybuilding Federation, Ronald Haihavu, said the class and passion shown by Eastern Highlands was very exceptional.
Haihavu, an internationally certified judge, gave credit to Team Eastern Highlands for their ongoing commitment.
He said three bodybuilders had already caught the eyes of bodybuilding scouts.
The three include EHP’s newcomer Misa Avefa from the women’s U57kg, Enga’s Rexford Viyufa from the male novice category and Apukas Siki competing in the U55kg.
Haihavu said with the class shown by these bodybuilders, they could have the opportunity of participating at the Pacific Games.
He believes the trio would bring in some good results for PNG on the international stage under good guidance and strict diets to tone up to perfection.
The hulk-like figures striking poses on the podium was an event that awed the crowd at the Port Moresby Moresby Arts Theatre especially with the individual routines which undoubtedly showed a variety of talent.
Notably Engan Simon John, dubbed as “The Stuntman” did perfect splits, handstands and mind-boggling contortions, showing of his physique.