Five-star hospital audit long overdue

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 26th, 2013

 THE downgrading of Mendi General Hospital from a five-star  to three- star status by an  audit team of highly qualified people is long overdue. 

Who was the whistleblower and who will alert the hospital board of its bad rating? 

I am aware that most of the board members are village leaders and elders from around Mendi except the chairman, who is an accountant.

The hospital management need to answer a lot of questions. 

The downgrade is not because of wear and tear on the medical equipment.

It is due  to the lack of medical equipment which the hospital has been needing for some time.

Under the rating of a five-star hospital, Mendi hospital was unable to do its own sterilising and forced to depend on Mt Hagen GH for the service. 

All its major operations and X-ray examinations were referred to Kundiawa and Mt  Hagen hospitals.

Under the five-star rating, the hospital board and management forgot to maintain the status quo.

Now that it has its true rating, funds can be released by the national government as promised so that people, who cannot make it to Mt Hagen, Kundiawa and Port Moresby for much-needed treatment, will have access to medical services closer to home.


Dr Youngpu Samo