Pato the choice of Wauni and Wizzy tribes

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 26th, 2013

 I REFER to the comments made by “Neglected”, suggesting Rimbink Pato steps down (July 18).

I am not sure which part of Wapenamanda “Neglected” is from, but I refuse to think you are from the Wauni and Wizzy tribes  for you do not represent their views in any way in your outburst.

For the benefit of “Ne-glected” and any cohorts with the same line of thinking, let me put this in perspective: Rimbink Pato is the favourite son of the Wauni and the Wizzy tribes.

Do not be misguided. “Development” is not putting money into people’s pockets but initiating tangible and lasting development. 

It is time for people like “Neglected” to come out and put some constructive and meaningful development proposals through the minister’s office.

The minister is more than willing and capable of delivering promises. 

With his various an-nouncements for development initiatives and their respective funding ar-rangements for the district, Wapenamanda people in general are looking forward to them. 

Do not to tarnish the good name of the Wauni and Wizzy tribes. 

They are the king makers and they have have the best of intentions for voting Pato in.


Wauni and Wizzy, Via email