Five suspended over escapes


CORRECTIONAL Services (CS) Minister Chris Nangoi told Parliament that five prison officers have been suspended following the escape of 10 remandees from Bomana jail last month.
Nangoi, in response to questions by Moresby North-East MP John Kaupa on the breakout, said an investigation was being carried out on the incident.
He said the breakout happened during the Independence celebrations.
According to Nangoi, out of the 10 escapees, seven were in prison for armed robbery while three serving sentences for wilful murder.
He said they escaped through gate 24 of the prison when they blended with the crowd that had come for the celebration.
“There were five officers manning the gate at that time and after a head count it was revealed that 10 prisoners had escaped,” he said.
“The officers were immediately suspended under Section 52 of the Correctional Services Act 1995.”
Nangoi said the five officers who comprised an inspector, two corporals and two warders, were suspended immediately.
Nangoi said after their investigation, they would hand over the case to the police.
“These 10 escapees are a threat to the community in NCD and business houses,” he said.
“My message to the inmates is that they are fed three times a day for the crimes that they had committed.
“They must respect the law and complete their sentences.
“To the CS staff, you have signed the agreement and made an oath to serve this country with honesty and integrity; you are not above the law.”

One thought on “Five suspended over escapes

  • The message by the good minister to the prisoners that they are fed three times a day is a cheap statement because we know that a prison is meant to keep the law breakers inside regardless of them having three meals a day. For him to say again that the prisoners must respect the law and complete their sentences, for goodness sake they didn’t respect the law in the first place the reason they are behind bars. Only rehabilitation can make then respect the law. The root cause of prison escapes is inadequate security measures that’s what the Commissioner and Minister must address.

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