Fixed benefits rate may be the solution

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lately, there has been an increase of landowners pressuring the state to meet their share of benefits.
PNG will turn 36 soon and is a developing country.
But if the issues of landowners and state persist, we are going nowhere.
To allow development to take place, I suggest PNG should enact a law under the Lands Act where any development taking place, a certain fixed rate of benefits will be given to landowners, let us say 10%.
This, I think will help both the landowners and the state because:
1. Landowners know how much they will get before development starts;
2. The developer is aware of how much the landowner is entitled to before starting work; and
3. The state is aware of the benefits the landow­ners are entitled to.
Enough is enough and I believe a fixed should end all these UBSA and LBBSA issues.
Laws are made and can be changed.
PNG needs development and obstacles must be cleared.


Aaron Peter Mawe
Via email