Flash flood forces city school to close

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 THE Wesleyan Elementary School in Lae’s Eriku business district was forced to shut its doors to more than 200 children yesterday, a staff member said.

That was because of flash floods caused by a heavy downpour on Monday night, principal Nancy Rami said.

She said classes could be suspended for the rest of the week because the school’s two double classrooms, auditorium and chapel were affected. 

The school yard was under water, which posed a risk and health issues for children, she said.

Teachers have complained about a run-off system used by a motel next to the school.

They claimed all the run-off pipes were all draining into the school area.

“We have approached the management here three time so far, but they keep referring us to the owner of the motel in Port Moresby,” Rami said.

“I feel sorry for the children and the parents but we can’t allow classes to resume until the area is dry.”