FM Morobe launches radio show

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COMMON-ground, a gospel radio talk-show, which is gaining momentum on the airwaves of FM Morobe, was officially launched on Sunday morning despite being on-air for 10 months.
Show host Pr Newman Wotapi said the programme started in March last year but the launching was done on Sunday because of the need for Christians and churches to pray for the radio show.
“This radio programme is gaining popularity among our listeners in Lae and the response we receive from listeners from all walks of life is so overwhelming.
“Because of this, we are also doing on-air counselling, therefore, we would like Christians and churches to pray for the show,” he said.
He said the underlying reason for all the issues affecting the province was “a spiritual break-down therefore prayer is needed for the show to continue to change lives”.
According to Pr Wotapi, discussions were based on law and order and domestic violence, while at the same time reflecting on the scriptures.
The low-key launching was done by Sir Nagora Bogan, owner of the radio station.