Focus on regional success


THE American Chamber of Commerce Coral Sea (AmCham) plans to increase prosperity through American partnership in the region, an official says.
During the United States 146th Independence Day celebration in Port Moresby, US Embassy charge d’Affaires Joe Zadronzy launched the AmCham.
Zadronzy said the annual July 4 celebrations “not only allows us to look back on (the US-PNG) shared history but also to look forward to shared partnership.
“So what better way to celebrate the national day then to launch the AmCham which would cover PNG, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu,” he said.
“The core ideals of AmCham are innovation, entrepreneurship and strength through diversity reflect our shared values.
“AmCham will unify the voice of the private sector for coordinated positive change in all three countries.”
Zadronzy said USAID and the embassy had helped establishe the chamber “and we will continue to support efforts to promote diversity in the work place, women in business and fair business practices”.
“In every country I’ve worked in, the AmCham helped new
businesses enter the market, educated companies on best business practices, and allowed governments, individuals and companies to become more prosperous,” he said.
Zadronzy thanked the former PNG Ambassador to US Robert Aisi for playing an instrumental role in the establishment of AmCham.
The first president of AmChem, Peter Larden, said the three reasons for establishing AmCham were to:

  • PROVIDE access to networks and opportunities and resources that would otherwise not be available;
  • FOSTER business-to-business relationships and business-to-government relations; and,
  • DEEPEN trade and investment relationships which lead to the prosperity of both nations.
    “When businesses come together they create shared values and cultures and on behalf of EmCham we will be promoting a culture and common values of integrity, trust, transparency, accountability, diversity, inclusion and innovation,” he said.