Focus on rural communities


WE understand that the core responsibility of any government is to improve the quality of life for the people and plan to deliver a better, safer and secure future.
Since Independence, we progressed in development but after traveling to most provinces in Papua New Guinea and to districts and villages, I learnt that much more need to be done to improve the quality of life of our citizens, especially those in rural and remote communities.
The provincial and district services improvement programme funds are meant to address the development needs of the people, however, in PNG, we have an ongoing problem of these funds being continuously misused by untrustworthy individuals.
Funds are misused by those in power while the people continue to suffer.
People in our rural areas don’t have access to better health care, education, water, electricity and roads.
The Government should take these concerns very seriously and provide solutions.
Start delivering quality basic services to the people of PNG to improve their lives.

Wesley Mawe,

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