Fode gives second chances to Motu-Koita students


NATIONAL Capital District deputy governor and chairman of Motu-Koita Assembly, Dadi Toka Junior, opened a flexible open and distance learning centre (Fode) at Hanuabada yesterday.
The opening was followed by a pre-entry test for the first batch of Motu-Koita students.
More than 50 students sat the test.
Chairman Toka believed that to empower tomorrow’s leaders, was to build and introduce a proper education
system in the Motu-Koita Assembly community.
He said that during the colonial administration, 10 scholarships were given to Papuan students to attend Sogeri National High School because the education administration was based in Konedobu.
Of the students who were not selected and pushed out of the tertiary institutions, Toka said: “We see them hanging on the streets, back at home and thinking they the rejected ones.
“The reason is that if I don’t take the initiative to provide facilities for this groups of people, our village and communities in 30 years’ time will have no leaders to bring change back to their people.”
Toka said education advisers Frank Kawage and Marry would be working as guidance officers and would later be trained as guidance councillors for students.