Follow God’s teaching


SO many views exist about how to worship God in a way that pleases Him.
Jesus reveals how God wants to be worshiped.
At John 4:23, 24 we read in part: “…now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth…the Father seeketh such to worship him, they that worship him must worship him in truth.”
Hence, a person who wants to truly worship God must make sure that what he believes is the truth.
Verse 23 says that the Father seeks true worshipers.
Hence, to please God, a person cannot follow traditions that go contrary to what is found in God’s word.

Kenneth Kayman

One thought on “Follow God’s teaching

  • The Lord we serve is a Spirit, so we worship Him in the Spirit Language, the language that Apostle Paul was talking about. Its is season the Church is worshiping in Spirit & truth.

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