Former broadcaster needs help for operation abroad

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The National, Friday 14th June 2013

 A FORMER employee of the National Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) is seeking assistance to travel overseas for a neuro-imaging (MRI) scanning as he has a spinal cord cancer.

George Kagl a paraplegic patient has been bound to a wheel chair for the last 17 years after being diagnosed with a spinal cord cancer.

Kagl from Puglimb village in Mt Hagen has been a broadcaster with NBC Western Highlands for 21 years (1978-1999).

He is also the founder and treasurer for the Turangu Association but due to his health status he cannot carry on with what he did to help disable people.

He has been living with pain that started some years ago and some of his organs have been affected.

He said he needs K50,000 for the required visa arrangements, medical investigations and surgical opinion in Australia.

Dr Sammy Thomas from the neurosurgery unit at the Port Moresby General Hospital, confirmed that Kagl was diagnosed with a spinal tumor in 1996.

He said Kagl was transferred to Townsville General Hospital in Australia and had a surgery by Dr Reno Rossato.

With the Optimal imaging studies not available in the country he is advised to travel to Australia.

Kagl is now appealing to people to help him.

He said they could make direct deposit to his bank account: George Kagl, account number 1000787932, BSP; or call him on 7280 1284.