Former students raise funds to rebuild burnt dormitory in Enga school


A committee of former students has been set up to raise K250,000 to replace the dormitory which burnt down the Sir Tei Abal Secondary School in Enga.
The effort is being led by local economist Johnson Pundari with the help of the staff at one of Enga’s oldest high schools.
The committee hopes to raise the money in three months.
Teacher James Litai, who is also a member of the fundraising committee, said it was believed that an electrical fault had started the fire which burnt down the boys’ dormitory a week ago last Friday at 11am.  “Teachers and students were caught by surprise when flames burst out from upstairs of the building,” he said.
“It is understood that the cause of the fire was by an illegal connection of power to charge mobile phones, made by the Grade 11 students who occupied the dormitory.”
The Enga education board is investigating and a report on the fire and its cause is expected soon.
“Educated elites of Enga, especially those who have gone through Wabag High and Secondary schools are raising funds to rebuild the dormitory before the 2018 academic year begins,” Litai said.
“This fundraising drive is spearheaded by Johnson Pundari, a former student of Sir Tei Abal Secondary School. A fundraising committee has already been created in Port Moresby.”
“We have more than a thousand ex-Wabag Secondary students who are now elites engaged in both the public and private sectors in Papua New Guinea and overseas. I know they will have the heart for
their school and donate a K100 at least.”