Fox: Cup major sponsor soon

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The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

THE Papua New Guinea semi-professional rugby league competition is certain it will get a major sponsor after having done fruitful negotiations with business houses.
The former major sponsor bemobile PNG pulled out its sponsorship on business grounds.
Chairman of the PNG National rugby league (PNGNRL) competition, Don Fox confirmed a new sponsor yesterday but declined to comment further.
Fox said: “The talks with possible sponsors have come good and it is becoming really strong that we will have a major sponsor and it will be announced early next month.”
He did not disclose the name of the sponsor because he wanted the sponsor itself to make public its sponsorship early next month.
“I will not give the name of the major sponsor but we do have one and it is looking really strong. At this point in time, I will not give the name but sure to have it known in January and that will come out from the major sponsor itself,” Fox said.
Fox also announced that the inter-city competition will kick off on May 5 giving the 10 franchises enough time to prepare.
Fox is going for the Christmas break in Brisbane to visit his family and will be back just in time before the announcement of the new major sponsor in January.
He stressed that next year’s competition is also expecting two new teams coming on board.
Asked why having two new teams coming, Fox said he had doubts that Masta Mak City Rangers would be taking part next year season.
“We do not want byes, therefore, we will still have a 10-team competition.”
Attempts to contact City Rangers franchise owner Kelly Aiyok failed but in an earlier interview with this reporter, Aiyok was confident that Rangers were in next year’s competition.
Fox when contacted about this told The National that that Rangers was unlikely.
He said he had made several attempts to meet Aiyok and discuss the situation of the club but were always unsuccessful