Fraud at registry

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The National – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

By TROY TAULE UPNG journalism student
CIVIL registration consultant Dickson Kiragi has stressed the point that interfacing civil registration documents to authenticate individual identity is critical in preventing crimes like fraud from taking place.
He said this yesterday during the final day of the civil registration end user stakeholder consultative and awareness workshop held at the National Research Institute at Waigani
Kiragi explained in his presentation that according to statistics from previous years, the majority who committed fraud in the work place were long serving executives and managers with years of experience.
He added that there was positive correlation that existed between the size of the financial loss suffered by a company and the perpetrators’ authority level and tenure.
Kiragi said the use of the individual civil registration number would provide the civil registry with accurate information to minimise fraudulent use.
The information obtained from the individual civil registration number could then be used by end user stakeholder agencies such as the police department and the electoral commission to carry out their work effectively.
He said that apart from preventing fraud, the civil registration coding system also had other social and economic benefits as well as promoted social security, legal protection and protection of identity.