Front page worries MP, Zibe answers queries

National, Normal


MINISTER for Health and HIV/AIDS Sasa Zibe said the problem of overcrowding which led to mothers sleeping on bare floors of the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) women’s ward was temporary and would be dealt with soon.
Zibe said the reason for overcrowding, reported in The National’s front page on Tuesday, was due to ward nine of the maternity wing which was undergoing renovations but did not elaborate on the type of work being carried out.
His response came soon after deputy opposition leader Bart Philemon made references to the picture of mothers lying on the floor at PMGH during parliament sitting.
“Problems at our premier hospital, PMGH women’s ward seem to go on and on irrespective of the massive budget we are passing them,” Philemon said.
He said this reflected the fact that social indicators had not improved despite economic growth.
“This is happening right at our door step.
“If this happens to the premier hospital, what chance does it has in any other hospital?” the member asked.
Philemon, who responded to the record K9.3 billion budget handed down by parliament, posed the question: “Where is the budget going to if women are lying on the floor at our premier hospital?”
Zibe said: “The reason for the lack of space at the maternity ward is that we are fixing ward number nine and once this is done that problem will be solved.”