Frustrated judge blasts lawyer

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NATIONAL Court judge Justice Bernard Sakora blasted a lawyer for failure to assist the court and the client in a criminal matter at the Waigani National Court yesterday.
The lawyer, Fredrick Parkil of Parkil Lawyers, was to prepare documents for a pre-trial on the matter but failed several times which resulted in the matter being prolonged.
Justice Sakora expressed frustration and directly told Mr Parkil to explain his reasons before the court to which the lawyer responded saying that he could not prepare himself due to time factor.
However, Justice Sakora was not pleased.
“I am sick of your lack of conduct of this case, and perhaps I’ll put you to the witness box for cross-examination,” Justice Sakora said.
“You’ve been interfering with my criminal trials for this month, this is contempt in the face of the court,” he added.
Justice Sakora told Mr Parkil that he had shown no effort in his part to defend his client.
“You and your colleague from your law firm never prepared simple pre-trial documents which could only take 10 to 15 minutes.
“I should punish you to teach you a lesson because you don’t seem to learn anything,” the irritated judge said.
Justice Sakora was frustrated because Mr Parkil, without preparing for a pre-trial, decided to seek a date for proper trial, which was not the proper process of court.
He told Mr Parkil that he had breached the laws.
Justice Sakora adjourned the matter and referred it back to the registry for re-listing.