Fund cut will cause burden


IT saddens me when I saw the front pages of our two dailies regarding slashing of free education funds from our good government.
This is bad news for parents who are hit hard by the country’s poor economy.
I for one have four children attending primary school who has already felt the pains of the crippling economy.
Sometimes my family eat scones to save cost for the childrens’ lunch and bus fare.
Other days, when I do not have money for lunch or bus fare, they stay home depriving their future due to the country’s poor economy.
Now with the slashing of free education funds I do not know what to do to accommodate for these extra burdens.
Do I pull my kids out of school to be on the streets of Port Moresby?
This is not a healthy question to answer but I had to because I know I can’t afford that extra cost.
We, as parents, know this is our parental responsibility but how can we afford this when the economy of this country is that poor?
Why can’t the elected leaders be real by slashing their many perks and privileges to accommodate these cost to relieve the people from these financial pains?
Why can’t the government slash the District Services Improvement Programme grants which has nothing to show for on the ground around the country?
Why can’t the government arrest leaders and departmental heads implicated in public funds and forfeit their wealths back to the state to accommodate these cost?
On many occasions the government is preaching a lot about fighting corruption.
I am yet to see anyone misusing public funds jailed.
Please because action speaks louder than words and we are fed up of preaching.
How can this country become the richest black nation on earth by ripping bits and pieces off the people by its very own government? I can say here that PNG will become the very poorest nation on earth and in the Pacific despite its natural resources.
Whoever is contributing in one way or the other to this pain and suffering of this country will one day face the red eagle eyes of the Living God.

Ekit Kuu Kange,
Suffering PNGean

One thought on “Fund cut will cause burden

  • Parents sit down and have decisions to have children. Children are gift from God and you are mindful to look after them when you bring them into the world. Ask yourself, do you have resources to cater for your lovely angels into the world which God has given you. Plan your size of the family to avoid begging for money to live. If you can’t afford then be honest with yourself. Its your obligation to your children’s education and fend for their livelihood. If you bring children into the world and did not cater for their needs, God surely will question you, Where is my flock?

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