Funding support from govt very useful, says N’Drasal

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FUNDING support provided by the Morobe government to provincial police since 2018 has been most useful, says provincial police commander Supt Alex N’Drasal.
“Its support is directed in such a way that goes in line with the police five-year plan that targets policing services to reach the people in rural areas,” he said.
Supt N’Drasal said the eight districts apart from Lae, had seen policing in those areas being carried out with much input from the provincial government.
“Most of the funding goes towards subsidising fuel, hire vehicles for police special operations and other areas to address law and order in rural areas as priority.
“I believe this support is going to be even bigger through this partnership this year so that police presence is felt and seen in the rural areas.”
Supt N’Drasal said this year, the provincial government had budgeted K1 million particularly to build a reserve centre in Lae for the coordination of police reservists in the province.
The move is to cater for the 500 reservists that Morobe wanted to recruit this year and train them to go back to their districts and work there to help out regular police in the province and districts.
The centre will cater for recruitment, training, administration, logistics and operations for the reservists.
“This shows just how much the provincial government has to do with the existing partnership and its commitment to tackling law and order in rural areas,” Supt N’Drasal said.
In answering questions relating to districts’ support to police work, Supt N’Drasal said not much was coming from the districts but said Markham lately stepped up its support for police work.
He said in terms of crime level, Tewai-Siassi and Finschhafen districts recorded most serious crimes followed by Huon Gulf and Bulolo.
Bulolo, Kabwum, Nawaeb, Tewai-Siassi and Huon Gulf have provide support to police operations when needed.
“There are serious crimes being committed in those districts so district development authorities have to consider working closely with police to curb crimes and address law and order issues,” he added.

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