Funds arrest defer Sohe district games

Normal, Sports

The National, Tuesday February 4th, 2014

 ORGANISERS of the Sohe District Games have called on the Sohe District Administration to release funds meant for its intended purpose instead of diverting it to other avenues.

Sohe MP Dellilah Gore had committed K100,000 for the games but the delay in the release of funds has forced the games scheduled to kick-off on January 22 to be postponed for an indefinite period.   The money will also be partially used to fund the Oro Provincial Games.

Organisers are now up in arms that the funds intended for sports to benefit the athletes – whose accommodation, transport, meals would be subsidised from these funds – may be diverted to other administrative costs. 

They say that the funds committed by Gore belong to the athletes from Higaturu, Kokoda, Kira and Tamata and not the Sohe District Administration who are trying to benefit from it.