Gaire invasion


This letter is to the councillor and elders of our beloved village of Gaire.
Over the years, the villagers have been renovating their houses and putting up tradestores and operating them themselves. However, recently it has become very obvious that these tradestores are being operated by foreigners – Highlanders – paying rent to the owners of the house/tradestore.
It is very, very sad indeed to see this happening. This reminds me of the saying: We are becoming beggars in our own land.
It is not nice to see our own villagers renting out their houses and tradestores to foreigners for the sake of money.
We never used to do that because, I believe, the village elders and the councillor had the village under control back in the old days. Now we see a big increase in the number of foreigners renting tradestores in every corner of the village. Even the 2-4 market on the highway (Dogu), which is known for its Gaire fish and where betel nuts are sold, has become a hub for Highlanders too.
The Highlanders have set up stalls where they sell their goods, like betel nuts, cigarettes, biscuits, softdrinks, and sleep. As if that is not enough, now you see PMVs coming in everyday with Highlanders going to the 2-4 Market to buy betel nuts and mustard in bulk to take back to Saraga Market, in NCD, to sell.
Why are we allowing foreigners to come into our village to rent tradestores or set up stalls to sell goods at the market?
Are we telling ourselves that we are not capable of running our own businesses? That we would rather be trampled upon by foreigners?
Come on Gaire people, we can run businesses too.
Over to you councillor and village elders. Please do something about this.

Disgusted Guystafarian

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