Research counts


IN development, I see research as significant because of the role it plays in nation building.
For instance, to address an issue like settlements in Port Moresby, especially with water and sanitation, you as an individual cannot justify your conclusion without the collective views of the people who live in that settlement.
There has to be a holistic approach where collective knowledge is taken into consideration.
And this is where research comes in, to gather all types of data and information needed in this area. Once it’s done it then goes through the analysis process and the results, hopefully, can suggest a solution.
I commend the National Research Institute for helping shape the nation in terms of research and the formulation of effective policies.
I suggest that the Government becomes involved with the work of the institute so that common sense prevails with individuals and stakeholders.
I also commend other institutions like the National Agriculture Research Institute (Nari), National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (Naqia) and Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) for performing marvellous and similar roles as are being performed by NRI.
For us to be strong, healthy and prosperous, we need more and more research.

Kennedy Topints
Nongii Emil – Ngalkhay
Dulumb Koiyange

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